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LSAT prep

LSAT prep is too expensive. So we built Metamorphosis to get you the tools you need most at the lowest possible price. We only use licensed official LSAT questions and our solutions are designed to be instructive and simple.


Our practice sets are sorted by topic and difficulty level so that you can work your way up from easier examples to harder ones for each question type.


We only use officially licensed LSAT questions because nothing else comes close to giving you the real experience


We make it very clear how important each question type is to your overall score. Letting you focus on the topics with the biggest impact.

Track your progress

With our charts you will always know exactly where you stand. Follow your progress as you pass all five levels for each topic.

Learn while you review

We tag each question at each step in the process. And we highlight those steps and choices in our solutions so that you can quickly learn to recognize important patterns on the LSAT.


The true test of an expert is someone who can make something complicated appear simple. And since you need materials that are easy to use, we only consider designers who have scored in the 99th percentile on the actual test.



Practice sets that help you focus

We only use official questions because they're the best indication of what you should expect on test day. We sort them first by topic and then by level. Pass easier levels to unlock harder ones.

Sorted by type so that you can focus on the topics you need most. Tired of searching through PrepTests for another question of the type you want to practice? Now you can jump right to a set of any type.

Efficient solutions that help you recognize patterns that define the LSAT.

Our charts help you see the learning space in front of you and determine which topics to target next.

Five degrees of difficulty give you the chance to work your way up from the easiest questions to the hardest.

The best practice sets for LSAT PREP

Progress Charts

Use our charts to follow your progress within each type and topic of the LSAT.

Leveled Practice

Unlock higher levels of each type when you answer one full set of questions correctly. Each passing score unlocks the level directly above it in difficulty.

Get there faster with Metamorphosis

With easily accessible practice sets you can study anywhere. And our solutions are quick to read and focused, letting you work faster. Use charts to see how far you've come and determine what to focus on next.

Study Anywhere

Online materials are better than heavy books. Now you don't have to think about which books to take with you when you travel and whether they'll fit in your bag. Now you can travel without the extra baggage and not miss a week of prep.

Fast Solutions

Our solutions are lightweight and get to the point quickly. They also use a templated design to help you check your reasoning at each step in the process.

Prep at your own pace

Classroom courses are on a schedule that in many cases does not match your own. With Metamorphosis, you can prep at your own pace and easily track your progress.

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